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  • Are REOs ready for a comeback?
    A new report from Clear Capital suggests that REOs and short sales may be on the rise again, what with the saturation of distressed properties on the rise, plus some other factors. Worried? Getting cash ready? Read on.
  • Mortgage technology product showcase: Encompass Product & Pricing Service
    Using the service also increases users’ bottom line. In fact, a recent MarketWise Advisors ROI study showed that users saw as much as $970 of added value per loan with Encompass. This came about through improved compliance, loan quality and efficiency when using the integrated products and services within the full Ellie Mae suite.
  • Company Spotlight:
    “Within our competitive environment, we have a pretty significant lead in terms of our technology deployment,” Sharga said. “Our partnership with Google has been very helpful to our product and engineering teams, which are tapping into Google’s expertise for mobile development and SEO optimization."
  • Maximizing the TRID deadline extension
    As the industry counts down the final weeks and days until TRID goes into effect, any loose ends should be wrapped up, uncertainties resolved and contingency plans finalized and approved. With a solid infrastructure and strong partnerships in place, institutions at every level can perform well within the constructs of the new TRID requirements.
  • How auction companies are disrupting traditional home-buying
    But investors aren’t the only ones interested in auctions these days. In survey results from last year, found a startling 30% to 40% of its registrants were owner-occupants — people who wanted to buy houses to live in them.
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