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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Mortgage giants warm to principal reduction?
    Is principal reduction about to become more common? Who hit the bulls-eye in forecasting 2014, and who just offered bull? And of those hawkeye prognosticators, what do they have to say about 2015? Get it here and get it early.
  • $4.8 billion portfolio of Fannie, Freddie MSRs hits market
    "These offerings provide an excellent opportunity to finish off your year with the purchase of a substantial amount of extremely low interest rate, high quality MSRs from a highly reputable mortgage banking company," said Interactive Mortgage Advisors, which is acting as the exclusive broker for the seller.
  • Want a free Bentley? Sell this house
    Whoever finds a buyer for the nearly $10 million home will not only get his or her commission on the sale, the seller is also throwing in a new a 2015 Bentley at no charge. Just consider it a little cherry on top of your normal compensation.
  • SEC grants Bank of America relief in $16 billion settlement
    The record-setting settlement between Bank of America, the U.S. Department of Justice, certain federal agencies and six states to resolve claims over toxic residential mortgage-backed securities can finally proceed after the bank was granted relief by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • REO agents and brokers deserve to be paid more
    Without necessarily intending to, I am going through this process currently as it relates to REO management, marketing and disposition. And it is an eye-opening process, indeed, even for this longtime veteran of this industry.
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